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Boasting over 140 years of combined industry experience, we’re confident that the combination of our expertise and the Fingerprint platform will help to power your processes and prove your compliant.

James Hogbin James Hogbin Founder & CEO

Boasting 20+ years of industry experience, spanning regulation, IT and corporate governance, James’ perspective has helped make the Fingerprint Supervision platform what it is today. Alongside leading the team, James continues to offer essential advice to both up-and-coming startups and the world’s most premier brand names in finance.


Sean Morgan Sean Morgan Commercial Director

Most passionate about helping business leaders champion profitability and efficiency through new digital processes, Sean brings 20+ years of improving the operations of investment banks and hedge funds to the team’s arsenal. Always in pursuit of the most progressive, objective-hitting way forward you’ll find him making the Fingerprint platform as efficient as possible.


Brielle Hewitt Brielle Hewitt Head of Marketing

An experienced brand and marketing specialist, Brielle brings 12+ years of experience in building meaningful brands across the world. Making waves across the UK, Australia, North America, Asia and the Middle East, as well as running her own consultancy, Brielle knows the importance of building trust and advocacy with customers, clients, partners and beyond.


Robert Adler Robert Adler Business Development Director

With over 19 years of experience in the Financial Services industry, Robert has a keen understanding of the FinTech, Regulatory, Compliance & Platform Technology & Software. He has helped deliver complex business and technology change programmes within financial services, asset management hedge fund & banking. Leveraging his cross product, front, middle to back office knowledge, Rob has delivered a range of projects for clients.


Mike Brittain Mike Brittain Tech Lead & Python Developer

Mike’s enviable technical skills have enabled him to launch a range of innovative digital products across multiple industries. With 20+ years of innovation under his belt, he’s able to work at both ends of the technical spectrum, which is why he’s happy both leading the development and delivery of Fingerprint, while also directing the team’s technical brilliance.


Anthony Leung Anthony Leung Backend Engineer

Anthony has been programming and working in technology and research in a range of diverse industries and settings for 19 years. His vision for Fingerprint Supervision is to help the team get to ever higher heights and reach new opportunities. Anthony has been CTO at a CTA/Hedge Fund, held a number of Postdocs in Computational and Theoretical Physics and has also been a data scientist in a number of institutions.


Tom Vavrechka Tom Vavrechka Solutions Architect

With 22+ years in the industry, Tom brings a hands-on, proactive approach to front-line support. Believing that great results are built on teamwork, patience and strong relationships, Tom’s ability to align technical requirements with both the needs of the business and their end-users is second to none.


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