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FP Supervision Platform Preview

FP Supervision is a communications supervision, risk identification and investigation software platform. Powered by automated surveillance technology coupled with a fit for purpose, user-friendly front-end. FP Supervision enables systematic, efficient, and effective corporate compliance and governance activity.

FP Supervision can be utilised to pinpoint instances of market abuse, financial crime, conduct risk, breaking of employee policy, customer service appropriateness, miss-selling and more.

Suitable for industries from financial services, government and law enforcement, through to construction, healthcare and retail, Fingerprint supports corporate governance best practice, and evidences that your company is regulator compliant.

The FP Supervision platform has been built by our expert team, in consultation with industry compliance professionals. Meaning, FP Supervision is a security stringent, customisable, cost-efficient long-term strategic technology solution, conveniently cloud-based and simple to operate. FP Supervision is an invaluable tool created to enrich day to day operations of multi-industry compliance, risk, and audit teams everywhere.

How does FP Supervision work?

capture image


Your company’s communications channels are ingested via encrypted secure API gateways. Communication channels that can be captured are:

  • Email
  • Voice
  • Web Conference
  • Instant Message
  • Collaboration Platforms
  • Trading Platforms
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All captured communications channels are transformed from abstract, unstructured communications into standardised, indexed, and searchable text. Data transformations also include:

  •  Encoding voice to text (voice calls, web conference, voice messages)
  • Decoding attachments (on email, IM, collaboration tools)
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Fingerprint’s powerful automated Relevance Search Engine continually analyses the incoming transformed data, utilising set keywords, phrases and other ‘risk’ parameters set by your governance team, supported by Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning technologies to identify suspicious activity with accuracy and speed.

Alerts are triggered when these parameters are met, and an alert is automatically generated and systematically ‘risk ranked’, tagged, and ordered into a prioritised ‘to do’ list for review and action by authorised users across the business.

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Your day to day workload will be simplified, standardised and made more efficient with the support of FP Supervision. On logging in, you are presented with clear dashboards, that can be customised to your needs. Risk ranked ‘to do’ lists, case status reports, and clear and customisable reporting.

FP Supervision will automatically push reports to you and your team, allowing full control and the ability to drill down into the detail. Providing a host of case management tools, FP Supervision enables a fully audited, structured and scalable investigation process.

Each case has its own simple workflow, which can be customised to the user. Most importantly, all automated and user-based activity is recorded and logged, to provide clear metrics and evidence of the hard work that you and your team put into the monitoring and investigation process.

Fingerprint is cloud-hosted, with full API, requiring no onsite infrastructure to get set-up, and no client configuration needed.

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Your company’s communication data is stored and archived in a dedicated s3 database. Data is stored and accessible as per multiple region regulatory requirements. Some of these include:

  • EU: European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) including MiFID II and GDPR requirements.
  • UK: Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  • USA: Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)
  • USA: Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • UAE: Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA)
  • SING: Monetary Authority of Singapore (MSA)
  • HK: Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA)
  • CH: Swiss Financial Market Supervision Authority (FINMA)


If you’d like to see FP Supervision in action, and learn more about how our platform can support your compliance process, we would love to chat!

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