The proof is in the process

Created to make compliance team’s lives easier, Fingerprint simplifies compliance processes by automatically; pinpointing suspicious activity, prioritising your workflow, and creating reporting that proves you’re following regulator requirements.

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We’ve built a supervision platform that helps you to:

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Evidence your hard work

Regulators care about the processes you have in place, over the issues you uncover. Which is why our automatic supervision platform is not only easy to use, but provides you with the evidence you need to show you’re going above and beyond, even when there’s no smoking gun.

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Prioritise the sharpest needles of suspicion

With a dizzying amount of communications to monitor and archive, things can get overwhelming and messy quickly. That’s why Fingerprint always prioritises the sharpest needles of suspicion in your company’s data haystack, so you can focus your attention on the most risky and urgent items first.

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Enrich your case for governance

When zoning in on a particular item of interest, Fingerprint creates a case file so you can document your process, and enrich each one with extra added detail. Providing you with the weighting and workflow to prove you’re compliant while speeding up the process – making you ready for any audit or investigation.

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Make your systems smart and seamless

Fingerprint is intentionally API-based so that our system can seamlessly integrate with any other – protecting and leveraging your previous investments (such as trade surveillance). While our smart technology continually scans, assesses and learns from your communications – making your process and platforms equally efficient.

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Take ownership of your information

With unlimited and immediate access, your data is always available when you need it. Giving you full ownership over your information, our Fingerprint platform not only removes legacy access and extraction costs, but also ensures you don’t inadvertently tip off prying eyes to pending investigations – helping you to champion best practice.


If you’d like to see Fingerprint in action, and learn more about how our platform can support your compliance process, we would love to chat.

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