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Boasting over 140 years of combined industry experience, we’ve sat on both sides of the regulatory fence, providing us with a unique perspective that has helped to shape the Fingerprint platform. From designing the technology of the world’s largest hedge funds, to optimising the operations of investment banks, we know all too well that the tools you lean upon often determine the success or failure of your compliance culture.

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Financial regulators across the globe are insisting companies monitor and archive their internal and external communications via digital tools, so that intent captured in e-communications can stop market manipulation in its tracks.

Given this regulatory ask our experience tells us that battling a minefield of different data across countless communication channels, not to mention the penalties and punishments for failing to follow the rules, makes proving your company is compliant isn’t nearly as simple as it should be

At Fingerprint we’re on a mission to make meeting your regulatory obligations easier. We provide your team with a supervision platform that not only identifies suspicious items automatically, but proves you’re compliant even in their absence.

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