Compliantcommunications supervision

The FP Supervision platform makes meeting your firm’s compliance oversight and communications monitoring obligations simple. Providing compliance professionals with a single-login, holistic platform, that supports policy-driven communications monitoring and oversight, risk management, conduct investigation and regulatory reporting suitable for regulated firms of all sizes and regulatory needs.

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How does FP Supervision work?

Our compliance supervision platform automatically collects, stores and analyses your varied communication channels, alerting you to suspicious activity to prioritise their risk and drive your review, investigation and reporting workflows. With digestible summaries, a deep-dive search function, translation, conversation tracking and more, all packaged up in a user-friendly dashboard, we make proving you’re compliant as simple as it should be.

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The people behind the tech.

With over 50 years of industry experience powering the team, we know all too well that the tools you lean upon often determine the success or failure of your compliance culture. FP Supervision offers everything you need to not only put the right compliance processes in place, but prove you’re following the rules and guidance when it matters most.

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